Our Factory

white yarn
Our factory is a small family owned business and located in India. We are so happy that we found a manufacturer with the same ethics and environmental values as we have. 
We are living in a world in which we consume more than ever to prices that make you wonder how anyone could ever make a profit on it. We feel that it is our responsibility to shift this mindset to a more wholesome approach. This includes that we as a company make sure that our goods have been produced to high ethical standards and you as a consumer get more transparency of the time and cost real people put into each item you buy. Mostly people who live in countries without sufficient regulations by the government. It comes down to every single one of us to make this shift become reality and make this world a better place.


Producing goods will always have an environmental impact but together we are trying to keep it as minimal as possible and stand up for respectful and fair work conditions.  

5 Facts about our manufacturer

    • Living wages instead of minimum wages. 
    • Fair Trade certified by Sedex. One of the world's leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions.
    • Socially empowering work conditions that respect holidays, sick leave and special occasions of their employees.
    • Dy Star dyes tested by Standard 100 Oeko-Tex are used that are free of harmful chemicals and safe for your children, the workers and have minimal impact on our environment - read more about our dyes here.
    • Works with GOTS certified organic fabrics.



And this is why we love our factory and are proud of being a part of the slow fashion movement that puts people first.
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