Our Story



Little Empire is a family business founded in 2017 by former german actress Sarah and her Australian husband Shaun. Together with their daughter Aila, the couple lives in Bali. At least for now. “ We are kind of modern gypsies and we like to stay open for new opportunities, but at the moment Bali feels like home. And since our daughter was born on the island, even more so.”

After Aila entered into the world, the little family decided to start a new adventure and created Little Empire, an environmentally responsible, and ethically made, children's clothing line. 

Long lasting, high quality products with minimum impact on the environment.

We know, that especially the garment industry uses an incredible amount of water. It takes about 2,700 liters of water to make a t-shirt. A fact we can't ignore. We feel responsible for the wellbeing of our planet. This is why Little Empire only uses organic fabrics and natural, plant based dyes. No pesticides or harmful chemicals have been used to make our clothes and that means that no pesticides nor harmful chemicals will go into our groundwater, oceans and rivers.   

We treat every single piece of our collection like little treasures. We work hard to get the best, long lasting quality so you can enjoy our clothes for as long as possible. 

All prints are hand drawn by Sarah, mostly in cozy evening hours with a glass of red once the baby is asleep. “I always loved to engage with creativity. It makes me simply a happier human when I allow my mind to explore, play and create.

“Looking at the enormous waste in the fashion industry and our current ‘throw away society’, we believe that little by little we can make a change. We aim to create this favourite snuggly jumper your children will wear until they just can’t fit in anymore. And then pass it on to a friend so someone else can fall in love with it.“ 

 Little Empire is a tribute to creativity and imagination. It celebrates the little things. The things, adults tent to overlook or mark down as a waste of time because we believe we are too busy with more important stuff.

 “Apart from creating beautiful, long lasting kids clothing, we hope that we can be some sort of inspiration. Little Empire encourages children as much as their parents to create, draw, play and be silly again. At the end there is no greater joy than to get lost in our imaginary dream world for a while and feel the magic happen inside of us.

“All of our pieces are 100% hand dyed with natural dye and hand tailored. This is why every piece is truly unique and might vary a tiny bit. We work very closely together with our amazing Indonesian team who help us to make our visions come to life. We are so grateful to have found so many incredibly talented and beautiful people to work with. We are beyond exited to see where this journey will lead us.”