5 Business super powers I have learned from being a Mother

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5 Business “Super Powers” 

I have learnt from being a mother

If I knew what I would be getting myself into three years ago by starting a business  (at nine months pregnant! ), I would have dropped everything, and ran as fast as I could from the more hours of work and responsibility. Maybe I should have just booked myself a nice 5 star holiday somewhere on a tropical island and enjoyed my last few weeks of my pregnancy ( and freedom ), with feet up, soaking up the sunshine on a day bed, while sipping mocktails….. But if it wasn’t for having no clue about all the long nights I would spend working, on top of the ‘pacing the room for hours nights’, the ‘stomach bug’ nights, the ‘cluster feeding’ nights, the ‘restless’ nights, the ‘tearful’ nights - which always seem endless and the ‘I'm ready to start the day at 4am’ nights then I probably would have backed off from starting my business. I would have never discovered how well motherhood trains you to run your business on super mode.
What an immense strength are we gaining when we become Mothers! What an incredible skill set! Ladies, we are all gifted with a whole bunch of new super powers when our first child is born.


Here's my list of what my two beautiful, little firecrackers taught me that make me a better “Boss Mama”

  1. The lack of time made me the most efficient I’ve ever been. I have 3 days a week and a few hours each night to run my entire business. 
  2. The sudden responsibility of taking care of a brand new little being made me become unbeatable in thinking ahead. We leave the house equipped with everything you could possibly need for any scenario possible.
  3. The patience my children teach me every single time I try to get something done with them. Never have I imagined that leaving the house could bring me close to a mental break down. Deep breathes ya'll, deep breaths...
  4. The constant chaos made me become the most efficient organisation talent I can be and I do it in lightspeed because right, I have no time. 
  5. The constant noise, screaming, singing, fighting, getting interrupted each sentence I start, taught me how to focus in the biggest mayhem on what’s important right now.                                                                                               
  6. COFFEE, oh how I love you. Please never leave me…. Okay so it’s a “super potion” but when you’re running on lack of sleep boy it’s a saviour. Don’t get me wrong as I still dream of the 8 hour solid and uninterrupted snooze but until that night comes for now there is coffee.


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